The FYI....on The Washington Navy Yard Shooting

The FYI....on The Washington Navy Yard Shooting

1) What happened? Just the facts:

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Thirteen people, including the shooter, were killed at the Washington, D.C. Naval Yard on Monday September 16, when Aaron Alexis, 34, entered the base with was a shotgun, and two pistols and started shooting.  Alexis had security access to the military facility as an information technology employee with a defense contractor.

2) Where is this Navy Yard?

The Washington Navy Yard sits on a 41-acre site on the Anacostia River in SE Washington D.C. It is located four blocks from the Nationals Park baseball stadium and about 1 ½ miles from the U.S. Capitol.  More than 18,000 people work at the Washington Navy Yard, including 14,500 civilian personnel.

3) Who was the shooter?

Aaron Alexis, 34, from Fort Worth, TX, has been identified as the shooter.  Alexis was shot dead by police. He was a civilian contractor at the Navy Yard. Alexis had a brush with the law after discharging a firearm in 2010.  Seattle police say Alexis was arrested in 2004 for shooting the tires of another man's vehicle.  He was never prosecuted in either case.  The 2010 incident got Alexis, who had won a National Defense Service Medal and a Global War on Terrorism Service Medal, discharged from the military.

Alexis was reportedly looking for mental health treatment very recently.  According to CNN, contact with a pair of Veterans Administration hospitals for psychological issues. 

4) Why did he do it?

Washington D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray says the motive remains unknown, and that although there is no evidence of this being an act of terrorism, it has not been ruled out. 

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5) How are people responding?

Although many people immediately brought up issues concerning gun control and the 2nd Amendment (including Henry Winkler, aka “The Fonz”, on his Twitter), the White House urged calm, saying that there is an ongoing investigation, and this should not be turned into a 2nd Amendment issue at this point.

D.C. Mayor Gray is wondering how Alexis was able to get security clearance, given the 2004 & 2010 incidents.



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