The FYI....on The Heartbleed Bug

The FYI....on The Heartbleed Bug

1) What is it?

The Heartbleed Bug is a particularly complex virus that lives in the open source library (OpenSSL, a collaborative, or “open source”, protocol designed to give communication security over the internet) of a website, which is used to secure a very large part of the internet.


2) What Does it Do?

This bug appears to be able to trick any system running Open SSL for the past 2 years into giving up encrypted sensitive data.  The worst part is that it attacks without leaving a trace.


3) How Does it Affect Me?

Any sensitive information that you have on the internet, such as passwords, credit card info, etc, could be compromised.  NewsTalk 550 KFYI “Digital Goddess” Kim Komando recommends “watching for any sign of criminals using your information fraudulently. Keep an eye on your bank statements and credit reports and watch out for phishing email that tries to trick you into giving more information.”


4) What Can I Do?

Unfortunately, not much.  Follow Kim Komando’s advice concerning your online info, but keep this in mind.  You want to make sure the site you’re on has already taken the proper measures to address the Heartbleed Bug. If they haven't, the new password and information you update could also be compromised. 



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