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Police: Old Scam of Old Man

Police: Old Scam of Old Man

John WatersonEven on a hot, humid, hazy day, an apparent asphalt worker wanted to work outside but it was his work inside that led to his arrest.

Around 11:00 a.m. Monday in Schenectady, an elderly man was outside his home and approached by a man claiming to work for “No Spill Sealcoating,” even handing him a business card and providing a quote to seal his driveway, police said.

At some point while assessing the driveway to give an estimate, the man went into the house and took cash and two diamond rings – things the homeowner discovered missing a short time later. The “worker” gave him an estimate and left and the man went back inside to make the discovery, police said. He called police.

A Schenectady Police officer came out, took a report, tried to talk with neighbors to see if they’d been approached. One neighbor was able to describe the vehicle seen out. The officer then put that information, along with the name on the on the business card and found he had been stopped and ticketed before. Police found the truck near the intersection of Albany St. and Kelton Ave.

John Waterson, 42, was arrested and police say he had some of the stolen items. Waterson is charged with Grand Larceny (4th Degree, E Felony) and Criminal Possession of Stolen Property (E Felony).  The business card had a company name of “No Spill Sealcoating” and had the owners name listed as John Waters.

In a press release issued to media outlets, Police remind people to always be cautious in dealing with individuals who offer services and were not sought out by the homeowner.


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