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Neighbor arrested for cutting down Serpico’s trees

Neighbor arrested for cutting down Serpico’s trees

A Kinderhook man is facing charges for cutting down a dozen trees along his property line that butts up with his neighbor, former NYPD undercover cop Frank Serpico, police said.

Frank Palladino, 56, a real estate agent who bought the property adjacent to Serpico (who exposed corruption in the NYPD and now lives in Columbia County) was arrested October 10 at 6:20 p.m., State Police said. Palladino is charged with Criminal Mischief (3rd Degree, Class-E Felony) and Trespass (a violation).
Troopers allege Palladino remained on the victim’s property unlawfully and cut down trees back in April.

There are more details from the Register Star newspaper.

Click here for a NY Times story.

In that story, Palladino said he cleared trees on his land to make a paddock for his cows and, in the process, also cut down 12 of Serpico’s trees. Serpico filed charges with the NYSP against Palladino for theft of trees. Palladino went over Serpico’s property line by five or six feet, Serpico told the paper, to cut down a mulberry tree, a locust and several other trees.

Palladino was issued an Appearance Ticket and is due in Stuyvesant Justice Court on October 16 at 6:00 p.m.


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