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Man arrested after "suspicious" night at Lake George hotel

Man arrested after

A 31 year old man, on probation for a past sex offense is arrested after authorities say he spent a night at a Lake George hotel with two boys. 

Authorities say Curtis Mallon told the 10 and 15 year old boys that his name was Joe Tadbit and he was 18 years old.   Investigators believe that Mallon likely had contact with several other juvenile boys. Anyone with information is asked to come forward.  Curtis Mallon is charged with failing to register his social network profile which is a felony.  Authorities say he was using the "Joe Tadbit" name on Facebook.


Darlene MallonThis investigation led to another arrest. 

Warren County Sheriff's charged Mallon's mother, Darlene with endangering the welfare of a child.  They say she drove her son and various juvenile males to various locations, all the while knowing her son was barred from having contact with children.




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