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Gun, Jacket Lead to Suspect

Gun, Jacket Lead to Suspect

Kamari ShuaibTroy Police got a call early Sunday morning for an argument on the 400 Block of 4th Avenue. Two men were using a gun to beat up a woman around midnight. As Police took statements and searched, officers followed a trail and found a dark, long-sleeved outer jacket tossed in a yard on 6th Avenue.

Police say that jacket was the exact match to pants worn by Kamari Shuaib, 21, who they stopped and found missing a jacket. And inside the jacket, they found a fully-loaded, hammer back 9mm semi-automatic handgun with four rounds of ammunition. The gun had been stolen in a burglary earlier in the month and Shuaib tried to use it for an unsuccessful robbery Saturday night, police said.

Patrol Officer Carlos Nazario saw two men walking quickly on 124th Street toward Sixth Avenue. He followed them and when got near them in the alley on 124th Street between 5th and 6th, they ran off. Nazario chose to chase one of them and when he got to the 800 block of Sixth Avenue, he grabbed him and put him face down at 873 Sixth Avenue, police said.

Nazario saw that the man he had stopped, Shuaib, was not wearing the dark, long-sleeved outer jacket he had been wearing earlier. Patrols found the jacket in the front yard of 869 Sixth Avenue. The jacket was an exact match – maker and model – to the pants Shuaib was wearing, police said.

Shuaib is charged with Criminal Possession of a Weapon (2nd Degree), Criminal Possession of a Weapon (4th Degree, two counts), Assault (2nd Degree) and Criminal Possession of Stolen Property (4th Degree). He has been arraigned and sent to the Rensselaer County Jail without bail.


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