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Big Ben Passes Away

Big Ben Passes Away

Photos courtesy of the Troy Police Department.

A local celebrity of sorts has passed away. 

Troy police horse Big Ben has died.  Captain John Cooney says during his distinguished patrol career, Ben partnered in 79 arrests, and proudly represented the department at special events. His duties varied, ranging from Little League parade details to executive protection.  As pictured, Big Ben even made a trip to Washington D.C. and the National Peace Officers Law Enforcement Memorial.

Ben was a large horse....standing 62 inches at the shoulder.  His head stood almost 10 feet off the ground and he weighed just shy of 2-thousand pounds.

Troy Police tell News-Radio 810 and 103.1 that Ben would have turned 25 on Sunday, May 26.  He spent 8 of those years providing service to the City of Troy.


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