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9-1-1 and Police Radio Call Released in Kokopellis Brawl

9-1-1 and Police Radio Call Released in Kokopellis Brawl

Emotions are running high in Troy with accusations of police brutality and possibly racism in the way a bar fight at Kokopellis was subdued, but Police Captain John Cooney hopes everyone will stay calm. 

He tells News Radio 810 and 103.1 WGY:

"We love Troy: we don't see Troy as an entity that will strike out against our officers, but the inflammatory comments of some of our so-called community leaders have put us between a rock and a hard place."   He adds it would be ignorant to believe officers won't have some concern for their personal safety.

Nor would Cooney like to see some "young person do something that would destroy their future."

Captain Cooney says an investigation into the events continues.  Today (Wednesday) 9-1-1 transcripts were released of the two initial calls that were made from the scene requesting police assistance.  Both calls describe riotous conditions.  Below is a transcript of both short calls:

Call received 2:37 am

911… where is your emergency?

Hi we need the Troy police at Kokopellis 124

What’s going on there?

Ah… we got a bar fight goin’ on here

Inside the bar?

It’s inside movin’ out

Okay, are there any weapons there or anything like that?

Uh… someone got hit with a bottle (????) bottle

Do they need any… ambulance or anything?

(Speaking to other persons) uh… (????) you need an ambulance or anything?

No we’re good.

How many people are fighting?

Ahhh.. (????) more… about a hundred

Okay what’s your name?




XXX, what’s your telephone number?






Okay, we’re gonna get ‘em right over there okay?



Call received 2:37 am


911… where’s your emergency?

Hey, um… I’m a bartender at Kokopellis, we need, um, a few cops down here we got like a ton of people fighting right now and our bouncers are getting punched in the face and everything…

Inside or outside?

Eh… inside

What’s your first name?

Uh… what’s that?

Your first name


Thank you… we’ll send ‘em right down


Also released are a number of the police radio transmissions of responding officers calling to their dispatcher for additional assistance.  Repeatedly cops can be heard requesting back up, even from neighboring agencies. They tell the dispatcher "They're destroying cop cars."  That being a reference to a suspect using a trash can to smash the back window of a police cruiser.

Pastor and activist Willie Bacote does believe racism is present although he does not believe all officers in Troy are racist.    He is calling for the Police Chief to step down.

Some activists want a federal investigation into possible civil rights violations. The F.B.I. is already looking into two other incidents in Troy.


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